Thursday, 6 December 2012

What to do when your house is in disarray!!

            Having children around when works being done on your house can be very testing!!

It is not easy when your house needs something doing and you have a toddler around! I have found this over the last couple of days as we have needed a new boiler fitted, meaning the majority of downstairs in our house has been out of bounds, as well as access to our stairs. This has meant our daughter has been confined to one room (plus with no heating, it was the only room I could keep warm with an electric radiator!!)

Thankfully, it has only been the afternoons where she has had to be confined to the one room, as she went to Pre school in the mornings, but everything was a bit confusing for her with lots of different workmen coming and going as well as having all her meals in the front room instead of the kitchen, which was awash with tools!! There are many things which intrigue a toddler when things are happening in their home. You may find that they start mimicking what they notice the workman doing (the picture above is when she had seen her grandad painting our house when we first moved in!)

There are some things you can do to make things a little easier for yourself and your child (if you are unable to have someone care for them whilst things are being done) Here are my tips :

1. Keep as calm as you can, as if this disruption is really normal and exciting!

2. Try to explain to your child as best you can what is happening. Our daughter has been telling everyone about "the boiler" !

3. Make sure you have plenty to keep them occupied and off of the fact they cannot have the freedom of the house they had previously. Lots if activities and stories etc (films have been our little pleasure too!!)

4. If they are really interested in what is happening, find a safe place where you can watch the work happening together and discuss whats going on. It is a great way to learn new vocabulary.

5. Find them some tools of their own to pretend to fix something, or pretend paint etc.

6. Make the whole experience an adventure!!

7. Be prepared for some frustrating moments. Your child may soon become restless with all the changes going on and will need reassurance and plenty to distract them.

It is definitely a learning curve for both child and parent, and if the work you have done is more long term, you really need to think about how it will effect what your child is used to and how you can keep them safe throughout the process as well as keeping things as normal as you possibly can.

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