Friday, 21 December 2012

Nativity virgins!



              Losing our nativity parent virginity was emotional and memorable!!

You really don't know what to expect......its your child's first time in a nativity and you do not know whether they will perform, embarrass you or even take part!! For me, it was also whether or not i would embarrass myself for blubbing through it! After all, I have always had a tear when I hear children singing at any time of the year!!

We hid in the second row, for the fear she may spot us and end up crying. She did not spot us until she was on the stage, and by that time she was so into the play, she waved and smiled and sung her little heart out! We were lucky.....some children cried so much they didn't participate, others just sat there without a smile on their face, wondering what it was all about and some parents made the decision that they wouldn't be put through the whole thing and did not attend.

Nativities do create arguments about whether Early Years settings should actually do one   ( ) but the decision here on the whole worked well. There were no lines for the children to learn, just sitting on stage listening and singing along to a soundtrack, with some characters being led around the audience with an adult. Any child who truly didn't wish to join in sat with their parents.

As a parent, I was transfixed on my daughter. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.......she looked adorable and I was so proud of her for joining in. I did cry a little, but quickly composed myself so she didn't worry that I was upset.....I wasn't, I was bursting with pride!! But at one point I realised that I was being a little unfair.....I was concentrating so much on her I wasn't watching all the other children who were taking part and making it such a success. I made sure I took a little peep no and again, but my eyes were automatically drawn back to my little girl, who was a "toy" in her play.

As an ex nursery nurse, the weirdest thing was being the other side of it all. I felt their nervousness when the CD player didn't work, I remembered how tough it was to encourage the children who were overwhelmed by all these faces staring at them and I remembered how tiring the whole process could be. I guess what I am trying to say is as parents we need to remember how much hard work goes into a Christmas performance and that the staff work very hard!

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