Friday, 7 December 2012

Making a snow picture

 Make a snow picture with your child!!

There are so many ways to create a snow picture, which I will be exploring over the next few weeks. This week, I decided to do a simple cotton wool and snowflake sticker picture with my daughter!

She was extremely excited about using the glue (I used a glue stick on this occasion) and enjoyed placing things where she wanted them.

For this activity, I used :

Some black paper (card is good too)
Cotton wool
Glue stick
Snowflake stickers (can be found in art and craft shops this time of year)

You can also add glitter to the picture for a sparkly effect

I had to help her to take the stickers off, but the rest of the work was her own. She loved feeling the softness of the cotton wool and we were able to discuss her picture introducing some new words into her vocabulary such as "Sparkly", " Sticky", "soft" and "snowflake"........ a lot of S words!!
She loved the final result, which has pride of place in our display frame in her play room. In fact, she wanted to keep on going!! This is a great start to our snow picture activities!!

If you have some wintry picture ideas, feel free to send them to me via email or post on my Facebook page! You can even send some pictures of you creating them with your child/children if you wish, and they will be used on the website!

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