Monday, 3 December 2012

Hyperemesis gravidarum - What is it??

  Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, But what is making her ill?
What lovely news to come into the end of 2012 with the promise of a baby royal to be born in 2013! The news is all over the place, with the Duchess being in hospital for a condition called Hyperemesis gravidarum, which has been described as Morning sickness by the press.

However Hyperemesis gravidarum is more than just morning sickness which you may be thinking of. This form of sickness lasts throughout pregnancy, rather than just for the early part and can cause consistent vomiting and is not very common at all, affecting just 1 in every 200 pregnant women and needs specialist treatment, hence why the Duchess is currently recovering in hospital.

The other symptoms include:

Weight loss
Low blood pressure upon standing up

It can also lead to a condition called Ketosis, which is where there are a raised amount of acidic chemicals in the blood.

If you are pregnant and cannot keep anything down, always seek medical attention. We wish the Duchess all the best through her pregnancy and hope that her acute case of this condition is treated appropriately for her and her little heir!!

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