Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Decorating the tree

    Getting your child to help decorate the tree is a fun part of the season.

Last Friday, we bought our Christmas tree and started to decorate the house for Christmas. We have a real tree this year and our little girl was so full of excitement as the tree was placed in our front room. She was very eager to help decorate the tree, but I was very aware of how many breakable decorations we had.

We have got over this in a simple way. She has her own decorations box which we started when she was a baby, every year with a new one added. This year, we have got her a little tree for her bedroom (a 1ft one!) We have added some lights and she helped decide which decorations went where on the tree. She loved it and the fact she did it herself and it is how she wants it. The big tree downstairs is therefore our domain!! She did help put some decorations on the tree too, but I must say Mummy and Daddy had the last say!

Being 2, the tree holds great fascination for her. She particularly likes the lights and thanks to the experience at the local Christmas lights switch on, we have to do a countdown every time the lights are switched on each day!! The whole experience has introduced new words to her vocabulary too. In this past week alone we have heard her talking about Angels, Baubles and decorations! Not to mention singing Jingle Bells at bath time!!

It just goes to show how much of an impact this time of year has on toddlers and how much they take it all in! I cannot wait for the next few days with her nativity play at Pre school, going to the Crib service in our local church and the family all around her for Christmas. It is going to be amazing!!

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