Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas lights!!!

            Sometimes the smallest of gatherings can be more fun at Christmas!!

So we are heading towards our daughters 3rd Christmas, and now she is nearing 2 and a half, she is very aware of the delights Christmas is bringing to her and her surroundings.  I have always felt Christmas starts far too early in society, meaning many children find it hard having to wait so long till the big day.

We have done our best not to mention much about Christmas to our daughter much before the start of December, but once her calender began, it was time to allow it to make its way slowly into our home!! As both my Mum and sister have their birthdays in early December, I have an inbuilt sense to not start Christmas too early. We always used to out the tree up the weekend before Christmas as children, but we are doing our decorations this Friday as the cards are now arriving thick and fast.

Last weekend, we decided to get a real feel of Christmas in our new community. Since moving, we have tried to go along to little events in the area and support the local people. We decide this year to avoid the big town light switch on, as the crowds were too much last year, and instead headed for our local suburb centre for their Christmas lights celebration. It was well worth the visit! There were fewer people, a mini ice rink and Santa visiting with his huskies!! Our daughter was looking in the sky when the radio DJ asked if anyone had seen Santa yet.....it was brilliant!! When she saw him, her face lit up and I will always treasure her face the moment she got to stroke the huskies....I thought she might just burst with excitement!!

There are a few more little events happening over the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas which we hope to pop along to (and I am sure I will share with you on here!!) It just goes to show that finding the smaller events can be more beneficial, especially with younger children where you may wish to beat the crowds.

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