Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Teach your child to ride a bike from an early age

               Balance bikes are the way forward for the next generation of budding cyclists!

Time to create the next generation of Bradley Wiggins' and Victoria Pendletons and now there is a way of introducing bikes to children from as young as a year old!! Balance bikes are now on the market, eradicating the often distressing task of taking off the stabilisers!
Balance bikes are designed to teach children how to be safe, balance with confidence and steer a bike, without the need for brakes or pedals. As the starting point before a pedalled bike, children can use the balance bike with confidence as if they feel they may fall or crash, they can control their bike by simply placing their feet on the ground. It has been claimed that using a balance bike for 20-30 minutes once a week can really improve a child's physical self confidence. They are a great starter bike for children up to the ages of 6.

Balance bikes come in many sizes, but have two styles metal or wooden. Neither are better than the other as they both offer the same results and it is down to the preference of the parent. As with all bikes, they need to be well looked after to ensure the bikes are safe and have a long lifespan.

Benefits of balance bikes:

1. Help to enhance your child's gross motor skills and physical development.

2. Help to give children confidence when balancing on a bike.

3. They have no chains or cogs to repair.

4. No stabilisers are required!

5. They can be introduced from an early age (around 18 months)

6. They can be used over rough or smooth terrain

7. Brings a natural progression onto the pedal bike.

You can find out more about balance bikes and even purchase one for your child here:





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