Friday, 23 November 2012

Nursery workers arent so happy!!

         Being in childcare can be loads of fun, but those in the sector arent that happy!!

I was reading some articles online recently and stumbled upon one at nursery worlds website. According to recent research, childcare professionals are behind in the workplace happiness league. 60 per cent of childcare workers are happy, but its the earnings which seem to hit them hard, with only 44 per cent being satisfied with what they earn.

There is a lot of things staff have to go through which cause them stress on a daily basis. Only the other day I witnessed a member of staff in my daughters pre school being totally shouted at and belittled by a parent in front of children and other parents. It is not an easy job at times, and you can imagine why many childcare workers may feel unhappy with their pay if it does not reflect the work they do everyday.

So, here is an opportunity for you practitioners to have your say.........what really riles you about your job? What really makes you want to scream? And what makes the job a good one? Add your comments here or on my facebook page!!

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