Friday, 9 November 2012

Having Initiative as a practitioner

       One of the most desired traits a practitioner should have..........initiative!!

If you look at any childcare job description, you would find that one of the traits listed is "Initiative". Initiative means to begin or follow through with an activity or task energetically, usually one your own and without prompting from others. Many employers see it as what separates the leaders from the doers.

When trying to run a successful team within a childcare setting, it is important to have plenty of staff who have the initiative to carry out tasks. Of course, not everybody has initiative, or if they do, they are not always willing to act upon it. This does not make them bad employees, it just means they need to be motivated to act for themselves.  It is therefore important that managers make sure that their staff understand it is good to show initiative, even if it doesn't always work. If staff understand that it is ok to make small mistakes no and again, they may feel more confident about showing initiative. An open communication between managers and staff also help this.

Staff do not need any specialised training to show initiative and it is not just for the staff in leadership roles. It is something that really can help create effective team work. It can be very draining to a team if someone is not showing the initiative to carry out tasks without any prompting, but we need to remember that everyone works differently and has the ability to show the trait, and it could be merely the fact that they feel less confident to do so.

Some of initiative comes down to common sense too. You do really need to have both if you can show initiative effectively. It can come in many forms, whether it is moving a broken toy before a child gets hurt, to setting up an activity you have come up with!! Every little bit of initiative helps and is great, especially if rewarded by a comment from can boost a member of staffs confidence!!

So show some initiative today, and become part of an effective childcare professional team!!

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