Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Grandmas fab activities!

 Check out and make your own activities as designed by my daughters Grandma!!

My mother in law works within the education sector, and has been trying out her activities with her granddaughter, who loves them! The beauty of them is, they are easy to make at home and are very useful tools for helping with a child's learning.

As you can see from the picture above, these special "activity boards" as I have been calling them, use old plastic bottle tops to create matching pairs. Here, she has created a caterpillar from coloured circles and laminated the sheet. On top of that, she has placed small strips of Velcro and then collected the same amounts of lids as circles, placing coloured circles inside them to match the colours on the sheet. On the back of each lid is another strip of Velcro so that they can be fixed to the sheet when the child has matched them.

There are so many possibilities with this. Grandma has made our daughter one with the letters to spell out her name, and you can do numbers or shapes too!! You do not need to have bottle tops either. You can create a sheet of small passport sized pictures of family members, or animals, children's tv characters etc, and print off two. Laminate them both then cut out one sheet so you have individual pictures which match the other sheet. The child can then match the pictures (you do not have to use Velcro, you can just get them to lay the pictures on top)

I am totally loving this idea, so simple and yet so effective!! My daughter loves her three boards ( she has a caterpillar, in the night garden and her name) and enjoys matching them over and over again.. She especially likes the Velcro ones (I am sure it is the satisfying noise they make when you pull them off the Velcro!!) Give it a go, they are great fun!!

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  1. I love this idea! So cool! That Caterpillar is a great idea! :)