Thursday, 1 November 2012

Exploring the night!!


                        Torch play is a great way to see the world in a whole new light!!
The nights are darker, the days are shorter, and the temptation is to stay inside and almost hibernate for the Winter!! But, wrapping up warm and exploring the world in a different way in these darker evenings can be a great learning curve for children!!

It is something which I remember being a big hit in one of the settings I worked in. We had a balcony area within the Pre school room, which was used as a small growing area for plants and flowers. As the days began to get darker, the children left after teatime enjoyed getting wrapped up and going outside with torches and various lights. We had created a "light box" which had LED lights in, torches, touch lights and fluorescent tubes for the children to explore. We also used to venture out into the garden to play with the box in the dark, which proved a big hit!!

Now I have a daughter of my own who loves exploring new things, we have begun to create our own box of lights, so far with a few different sized torches in.which she can use outside in the dark. She loves it, shining them on items in the garden which she now sees totally differently. Now they have weird shadows and the lights create circles on them!!


We also get to find little insects who have ventured out in the vale of the darkness into our garden, just by shining the light around!! Hide and Seek with Daddy was a lot of fun too, as she had to shine the torch around the darkness to spot where he was hiding. Great fun!! One of the best games is to play "jump on the light" simply shining the torch on the ground and getting the children to try and catch the light by jumping on it!!

Sometimes it really is the simple things which really get children's interests going. They enjoy seeing the world from a different perspective and sharing new experiences. So, grab an old shoebox and start your own "light box" is great fun!!

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