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Dealing with ADHD

   Just how do you deal with a child with ADHD, especially when they are violent?

ADHD is a disorder which effects some children, meaning that their brains do not work as quickly as those of some other children. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can make the sufferer feel that their brain is working much faster than they can keep up with, meaning that they lose focus easily.

ADHD effects different children in different ways. Some are Hyperactive, meaning they find it hard to keep still. Some have impulsive tendencies, meaning that they are unable to think before they act, often getting into dangerous situations as a result. Concentration may be an issue, where they are unable to fix their minds to one particular task or activity and become easily distracted by other happenings around them.

Children with ADHD often find it extremely hard to control their feelings. They can often get frustrated and lash out at others where they cannot control their anger. This can make it very difficult for parents to deal with at home. So, how can a parent help their child control these symptoms to create a little more harmony in the home?

* The first tip is to make sure you keep yourself fit and healthy. In order to help your child, you  need to be sure that you yourselves are feeling up to the task. Therefore, eating right, getting exercise and reducing stress as much as possible is a good start. Make sure you have plenty of support around you to turn to when things get a little too much, or you just need a friendly ear and also make sure that you get plenty of time away for yourself in order to get well deserved rest and relaxation.

* The next thing is not to blame yourselves. It is not your fault that your child has ADHD and it is not down to bad parenting. It is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain and not how you have brought them up!

* Make sure you are aware of what your child does well. They all have talents, so embrace them,  making their achievements receive more attention then their unwanted behaviour. Usually with children with ADHD, these talents are very creative ones, so try and home in on them.

* Make sure you are consistent with your behaviour management. Have certain rules which are written and put up on display for your child to see. Make sure the consequences are clear too and carried out as promised so the child knows their boundaries and what is not acceptable.

* Have a quiet space for your child to retreat to when they are feeling most frustrated or needs time to themselves. This place can be in their room or in a different room in the house which is small and cosy. It must not be used as a time out space when they have behaved badly.

* Children with ADHD often have a lot of energy. By encouraging them to burn off this energy whether by taking part in sports or having a good run down the park, helps them to concentrate better and also to sleep better.

 Children who are violent with their ADHD when venting their frustration can be dealt with using an interesting method known as the ICARE method.

I - INTERRUPT : interrupt your child's tantrum, meaning that they then have to concentrate on you rather then their outburst.

C - COOL OFF : Give them time to cool off, giving them a little space to calm down before they talk to you, but being made aware that they are not in trouble.

A - AFFIRM : Ask them why they had their outburst and affirm their emotions. Try to empathise with them and make sure you reiterate that violence is not the way to solve their issues.

R - REDIRECT : Guide them towards a favourite toy or maybe something they can let their anger out on such as a punch bag or a balloon to blow their hot air into!!

E - EDUCATE :  Once calmed down, speak to your child about what they have done and the reasons behind it, and the possible actions they could have taken instead of the route they actually took.

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