Friday, 30 November 2012

Another great educational activity

   Try this wonderful idea for colour matching and recognition

I am so excited when I come across new and fantastic ideas from other nursery nurses and professionals! I love the simple things which do not cost much to make, but are very educational and fun for children to get involved with.

Take these colour pots for example. An idea from a lady called Karen who works in a busy day nursery. Using pasta sauce pots and food pots cleaned and prepared, she creates pots for different colours and places items of that colour inside. She finds the children really enjoy finding the items of the same colour inside the pots and they do create the perfect opportunity for learning colour and matching skills.

When making them, you can get the children to help find the right coloured objects to go inside. It also helps with their spatial awareness, getting them to think about what would fit inside as well as volume as to how much can fit in each pot! In fact, a whole activity can be made just from putting the pots together in this way!! You could even change the objects every so often with the children to keep them fresh and interesting.

If you wanted to, you could mix up the colours and get the children to sort them out to put things right! The whole concept of "that doesnt belong" can be very interesting for children, especially if an adult asks for their help to put things right, boosting their self esteem!

So much learning from little pots of simple things...........and a fab idea both for parents and practitioners to try out with their children!

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