Saturday, 27 October 2012

Trick or treat not so sweet???

                       Will you be trick or treating with your children this Halloween?

I have never been quite sure about trick or treating. We never did it as children in our family, my parents felt that it was practically a form of begging, which I tend to agree with. Plus, I vividly remember our house being bombarded with eggs and flour by trick or treaters when I was young, which I remember being rather scary and Mum was not happy!!

This year I have found myself in a bit of a quandary as to what to do as we have been invited to a family Halloween party with my daughters cousins, with trick or treating involved. The neighbours are aware that we will be knocking on the door, so I feel a little bit better about it, but still deep inside feel a bit like I am taking my daughter on a begging trip.

Trick or treating is an American import, where it is part of the Halloween traditions and pretty much the whole neighbourhood gets involved. But, for some people Halloween is a very frightening time as trick or treaters banging on the doors can cause great stress. Some people keep knocking and knocking and can be quite abusive to older people when they don't have treats to give. I myself have been very upset with the amount of people knocking on the door constantly, it does make you feel inadequate, making you walk around in the dark so they think you aren't in!

Trick or treat can also be very dangerous for children who are not supervised. If you do not know the neighbours to whose doors they are knocking, who knows what sort of person they will be visiting? There are so many people you cannot trust  these days, it pays to have an adult with the group or make sure that they only knock on doors they know. I am also very much in agreement with Halloween signs welcoming trick or treaters, so that it is clear that the people are prepared to open the door to them. This perhaps should be the norm for Halloween nowadays........adults supervising the children and only knocking on doors with signs.

I will be interested to see how our little trip goes, as I have never been, but I still feel uncomfortable with it. It is just hard knowing that her cousins are going supervised (everyone else is going!!) she may feel upset about being left behind!!

What are your opinions??

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