Sunday, 14 October 2012

Getting out and about

         The weather shouldn't stop you exploring
I have been making a real effort to get out as much as possible in the evenings since my daughter began repeatedly saying "telly on" after her dinner. I wanted to show her there is more to life then the television and wanted her to be more interested in getting fresh air after dinner then sitting indoors.

We have begun exploring the local area which we have moved to and have discovered a range of paths and woodland areas close to us, some of which are within walking distance, others just a short drive in the car.

With them being free too, we are really getting the benefits of taking an evening stroll!! My daughter seems to enjoy herself too. With her new wellies and sense of freedom, she merrily trots along searching for muddy puddles to jump in!
We have been making sure that the rain doesn't stop us too much either. As well as wearing her wellies, we are looking into getting her all in one wet weather gear for her, to really make sure she can enjoy the autumn without ruining her clothes!!

We have found so much on our walks, from streams with ripples in as the rain hits them (kept our daughter fascinated!!), giant mushrooms, flying ducks and woodpeckers as well as snails hiding on pieces of chalk! We have met lovely people too, out walking their dogs and happy to stop and chat to our little one about her walk!!
 The main sad thing is that the clocks are going back very soon, meaning that the evenings will be darker sooner and therefore not always as safe to be going for walks in. These walks will have to be made during the day, perhaps after lunch rather then after dinner, but the plan still remains for our outdoor after dinner activities to continue.........just in our garden and with some fantastic tools. More on that in a future post, so keep reading!!

So, get out there and discover what areas on your doorstep to explore!! You will feel more refreshed for it, you boost your levels of vitamin D (even if the sun doesn't appear too much!!) and you get to rediscover nature as you help your child to find out about it themselves!!

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