Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Family film nights!

                             The latest in family get togetherness...........family film night!!

I have heard of many parents pushing aside one evening a week for family film night, in fact one of my friends does it in her home as a fantastic treat for her son. Many parents cannot afford the rising costs of the cinema these days, so curling up at home with a bowl of homemade popcorn is an ideal alternative.......and great for toilet stops with potty training children!!

I haven't tried it yet, but am thinking of suggesting it to my husband. You don't have to watch a film.....it can be a DVD of your child's favourite children's tv series (I guess ours will be Peppa Pig lol) It feels a bit weird promoting something like this when I have been championing spending quality time outdoors, but as with everything you can have the best of both worlds....everything in moderation!!
I was reading the latest Junior magazine when I came across a piece on family film nights. It said that aside from being a perfect opportunity for family bonding, film nights offer education in a different form through the films that you chose to watch. Many films cover so many themes in one.......jealousy, friendship, betrayal, problem solving and all sorts of emotions!! You can use the films as points for discussion, talking about the themes involved and the bits you liked and disliked the best. You can go to www.trulymovingpictures.org where you can find tips and discussion points.

Do family film nights work for you??? I would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment on my facebook page, here or email me at childcareclair@hotmail.co.uk

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