Friday, 12 October 2012

Cardboard box creations

 How a long cardboard box became a new toy!!

Whilst the arrival of the wigwam I wrote about the other day was very exciting, so was the box it came in for me!! My creative juices started flowing, and I sat pondering how I could make this interesting shaped box into something fun to play with!

Because of its long shape, I could only think of things like a train, a tree, a rocket.......then it came to aeroplane!! I set to work getting out my craft knife to create some holes in the top for my daughters toys to sit in. (My daughter was not around when I did so to prevent an accidents with the knife) I then stuck on the leftover cardboard bits on the side for the planes wings. True, they could have been a bit longer, but my daughter didn't mind one bit!!
 To keep my daughter involved in the process, we painted the box together. She chose blue as the colour we should use. I let her paint where she felt she wanted it.....inside the holes and outside!! I had a blue kitchen floor and she had blue socks, but it was great fun. (If you do this on the floor, newspaper may be a good idea!!)

Once the paint was dry, my daughter was able to try her new plane out!! We helped her to place her toys in the plane and she began to play!! It was so simple and so fun, and because she was part of the process, she was eager to tell her Daddy that she and Mummy had painted it!!

Daddy even helped to lift her toys up to fly around the room!! It is the only down side that it is a little too big for her to lift on her own, but that hasn't stopped her enjoying playing with what is now known as " Teddy's plane!"

It just goes to show that with a little bit of imagination and a lick of paint, a cardboard box can become something new and exciting to explore!! They are great tools for imaginative play and really gets you involved with making something with your child.
My husband often tells me about the time when his Dad used to create forts and castles using cardboard boxes for him and his brothers to play with. It is sometimes hard to believe how something so simple can be so much fun....but search the Internet and you will find that some people even take it to the next level and build cardboard box sky scrapers!! I have put some links below to show you some of the ideas I have come across!!

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