Monday, 15 October 2012

Being a fitter mum

         How I have realised I need to be more pro active when it comes to fitness!I am the first to admit that I am overweight. It was something I just accepted and carried on eating what I shouldn't and not getting the exercise I should. But then I had my little girl and now she is more active, I am finding it hard to keep up!! It shouldn't be like this, I should be able to run around with her and have fun chasing her without needing to catch my breath!! And most of all, I should be a positive role model to her by being happy with myself and feeling healthy.

So, with my Mum and Sister, I have joined a gym. I know I need to push myself and get fitter and loose some weight, and doing it with people I know who I know can motivate me as much as I can motivate them means that I am pushed to do it! I always get so complacent when it comes to my weight and although I know diet is a main part of it, exercise is just as important.

I have been reading some interesting articles on how many daughters have been effected by their mothers battles with weight. It is heartbreaking reading the stories of how some girls ended up feeling self conscious about their bodies and covering them up after seeing their Mums do the same as children. (,19685
I definitely do not want this for my daughter. I want her to feel happy inside the body she has and enjoy eating healthily and exercising. A report back in 2008 claimed that the constant media affliction with "yummy Mummy's" in the celebrity world are making us mums feel depressed. For me it isn't the Mums in the media, but Mums I see around me looking young, fab and energetic.

I have just got to stick to this, and be strong. I know I can feel happy in the clothes I wear again (I feel so drab in my current wardrobe and get most upset trying on clothes in shops!!) and be able to chase a certain little rascal around in no time!! Plus losing weight can also help immensely with getting pregnant again, so who knows!!

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