Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Art attack!!

             When art attacks, your house becomes a gallery of paper, card and glue!!

So, my daughter is now settled at Pre school and is having great fun there. I am sure it is partly my fault for starting her at a young age, but she has taken a real interest in painting, drawing and sticking activities!! I don't mind really, I am glad she is enjoying herself, but all of a sudden I am walking her home armed with papers of different shapes and sizes with her artwork all over it!!

During my career as an Early Years Practitioner, I saw plenty of parents groan when their child gave them their latest piece of work. It can be very overwhelming, and when they are young , a lot of the things they make can be just one mark on a piece of paper!! But, I have always tried to make sure that everything my daughter makes and shows me is respected as her work. She is always very proud of what she is done and we have a moment after her lunch on Pre school days where we sit and talk about what she has made.

Afterwards, I show her where I am going to display them. We have spaces on our cupboards, two of which have been kept for her work and in her playroom we have a special display unit for her work, which wasn't too expensive from a great little company called The Little Blue Owl. It fits 3 pieces of A4 pictures in it and we are already considering buying another one to keep our daughters work displayed in!! http://www.thelittleblueowl.co.uk/products/wall-art/frames/detail/articulate-gallery-frames/

The most important thing I want to achieve is that my daughter is proud of what she achieves, however small. By showing an interest in the work she creates and talking to her about it, I am helping to build her self esteem. Of course, the work doesn't all stay on display.....we would run out of room and the place would look cluttered!! So, some get put in her scrapbooks and others get recycled in the recycle bin, as long as they are replaced by new work!! Also, some get sent to family who are always welcoming of the odd painting from her to decorate their fridges!!

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