Sunday, 30 September 2012

When your child is ill............

                                                        A rather scary few days

It has been a few days since I have posted on here, and the reason is that my little one has been rather ill. We have had to make on the spot decisions and really put our parenting skills to the test! I hope that this post can help other parents who ever feel concerned about their child's health.

About a week ago, my husband noticed that our little girl was very warm to the touch at night. A few days later, I noticed what I thought looked like a prickly heat rash which covered her back and front. She had no temperature and was fine within herself so thought nothing too much about it. This was all after she had been suffering for 3 weeks with a cold. The next day, the rash appeared really blotchy on her legs and thighs. It was time to visit the doctors.

I managed to get an appointment with a triage nurse at my local surgery, who came to the conclusion that she had had an allergic reaction. My husband and I racked our brains to try and think what may have been different, but she had no new things in her diet and I hadn't changed the washing detergents that I use. Nevertheless, she was given some medicine for the rash.

The very next evening, she was very restless and couldn't get to sleep. Her temperature raised to 39.4 and my husband and I thought it best to call the out of hours surgery, especially with the rash being quite prominent at this point too. An emergency doctor came to visit and her temperature hit 39.8 and the doctor suggested that we give paracetamol and ibuprofen to help her fight what looked like a viral infection. He also said I should phone the doctors for another appointment.

So there we went again, up to see the nurse as no doctors were available. The nurse took a urine sample for her and sent it off to see if there was a urine infection. We went off home again, by now the rash had disappeared, but she still was a little irritable. That afternoon, she was full of beans if a little more tearful then usual if she tripped or slightly bumped herself.

In the early hours of the following morning, her temperature soared once more and some of the rash appeared again. Since we had been giving her medicine for the fever, it was very worrying that she still had a temperature. My husband and I decided then we needed to go to the A and E  in the hope that once and for all we could find out what was going on.

The hospital staff were great. There was a lot of waiting around, which is to be expected, and several doctors looked at her. The poor thing was very tired and every time she dropped off, someone else would come to look at her. There was no completely certain diagnosis for her as she had symptoms of urine infection, a chest infection and then the registrar suspected a throat infection. There were no complete certainties and as her urine test came back clear, we were allowed to leave. All we knew was to keep giving the medicine to maintain her temperature and it should clear up in 48 hours.

Luckily, she is on the mend. Her appetite has improved and she is a lot happier. Her temperature is down, but the rash has appeared again. We are hoping this is the virus showing it is at the end of its course.

It is very worrying when you are faced with these situations. You have to remain calm for them. My daughter noticed when I cried and said " Mummy sad?" and was constantly saying "sorry Mummy" to me when she was feeling particularly weepy herself. I had a little wobble when I realised we had to take her to the hospital, but felt very calm and together once we were there. It was good to know there were people around us who were wanting to find out what was wrong too. When we got home, I had a terrible headache and over the last few days I have been extremely tired. You don't really realise how looking after a sick child can actually take so much out of you.

I guess the main thing I am trying to get across by telling you this is that as a parent, if you think something is not right, get it checked out. You know better than anyone when your child isn't feeling themselves and they cant tell you at such a young age exactly what the problem is. Our daughter seemed confused as to where things were hurting her and would often just cry "no!" when we asked her where she was hurting. Trust in the health care professionals, but if you don't really think what they are suggesting is really what is going on, you have the right to get a second opinion. You will find that with young children, the health professionals are keen to get them well as soon as they can and anything involving rashes and high temperatures can ring alarm bells.

And whatever you do, do not search the internet to find out whats wrong.........there are so many things with similar symptoms and you can end up worrying yourself more than necessary.

Lets hope for a better week as she is on the mend now.........hopefully I can catch up with some sleep!!


  1. You poor thing. We've been very lucky, as our son is a very well boy for the most part. He's only ever really been ill once, which was New Years Day this year, and we, too, ended up in A&E due to high fevers and rash. It is the one thing that makes a parent feel completely helpless.

    I am glad your daughter is on the mend, and I hope she's right as rain soon.

  2. Thanks katie, it is horrible when you have a poorly little one on your hands! She is a lot better now, thank goodness