Monday, 3 September 2012

What a fortnight!

                          A fortnight of new experiences and learning......for all of us!!

Over the last two weeks, my husband has been off work on holiday and due to moving this year, we decided to have a "Staycation", using our house as a base and going out days with our daughter. It gave us a chance to bond as a family again as well as to explore the attractions we have close distance to us both free and at some cost!

We have been on ferries, trains, old steam fairground rides, modern fairground rides and exploring country parks and beaches. It has been a fantastic opportunity for me to get out of the house and not be cooking dinners and for my daughter to have some quality time with her Daddy.

It has been a learning curve for us as parents too. We have days of our daughter being a real grump and others when she has shown pure delight at what she has seen! A trip to Monkey World, a monkey sanctuary not far from us proved to be one of the worst days ever! After a lovely trip to the zoo the week before, our little one decided that monkeys were overrated and after seeing 2 different species decided that she would rather go back to the car, telling us constantly she wanted to go to her house!!

We decided to take her into the indoor play area to let of some steam and have a good run around. It was going really well, aside from us keeping an eye on the boisterous children who were going for a good stress relief session!! Then, it all changed when a little girl who wanted the soft block our daughter was playing with, decided to pull her to the floor with her hair. Mortified at the situation and at the lack of adult supervision on the girls part, my husband stormed in to rescue our heartbroken two year old, giving the girl the best stare we both could muster.

It is a shame when others spoil a good day out, especially when incidents happen which are not supervised by adults. It is infuriating that many parents use indoor play areas as an excuse to not do anything but sit back and drink coffee whilst their children run riot.

Back to us........well, we have also learnt a lot about potty training this fortnight. Our daughter had been doing so well in the run up to the staycation, asking to go regularly to the toilet and having very few accidents. However, day trips and potty training do not mix.....especially as we had decided to put her in pull ups for the long journeys we had planned. When we got home, we promptly put her back in her knickers, causing some confusion for her as she would just promptly wet with no warning or asking to go. Frustration all round, but I must admit she has been a star at going to the toilet out and about with us and I have asked her to go! (the most memorable has to be having a poo on the potty in a zoo picnic was urgent!!)

So, we are back to reality and here we are again at home with Daddy at work and us girls having fun in the house. Knockers are back in force, and so far asking to go again. Its like she has just realised we are back to our normal routine. Yet, this is all going to change again next week when she starts pre school two mornings a week. I am sure this will be the subject of a post or two over the next coming weeks!! Watch this space!!

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