Sunday, 9 September 2012

An important mention for team GB!!

                                                             Total superheroes

After the spectacular Olympic games, the Paralympics have totally enthralled the nation with wonderful feats of sportsmanship. These amazing superheroes have shown great skill and determination to achieve third place in the medal table and first place in our hearts.
And what a fantastic role model the paralympian plays to all children, but also to those with disabilities themselves. It is a reminder that we should not focus on what we are unable to do, but what we CAN do. The courage of the athletes is so bewildering, we should all be in total awe of them.

This is only a short post tonight, but the message should not be forgotten........these athletes are REAL athletes, they show total commitment and dedication and have proved to the nation that having a disability does not stop you from achieving your dreams. So, next time your child is upset because they cannot do something, focus on what they can do and remember the paralympians.......real superheroes, real people, real athletes.

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