Thursday, 27 September 2012

Simple things.........

                                   A birthday leads to lots of fun for our little one!!

We recently celebrated my husbands birthday and our little girl just loved sharing it with her Daddy! When asked what she wanted to get her Daddy for his birthday, all she kept saying was "birthday cake!", which we made together on the big day!!

The main interest for the day came from the boxes and wrappings her Daddy had received with presents inside! The best one for her was one which was wrapped in green tissue paper, which she spent a lot of time ripping into pieces to fit into the cardboard boxes, All the ribbons and coloured wrapping had to be pushed and squeezed into the boxes and taken into the kitchen!!

There was so much learning occurring here..........

1, By ripping the paper she was using her fine motor skills to tear the paper with her fingers and hands.

2. Making the tissue paper smaller to fit into the box showed great problem solving and spatial awareness.

3. She was using her gross motor skills to move the boxes into the kitchen!

4. By sharing her Daddy's birthday, she was showing great interest in the lives of others and knowledge and understanding of the world.

5. Her memory skills allowed her to recall that you get a birthday cake on your birthday!!

It is so amazing that something so simple as a few wrappings from birthday presents can be so helpful towards her development! Her concentration levels were so intense, the activity kept her busy and interested for a good 15 mins!! Much longer than you would expect a two year old to stay interested for! You can never underestimate your child's interest and concentration levels, especially when something new and interesting is brought into their environment!! Even something so simple as a box makes a fab toy and learning aid!!

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