Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First week at Pre school!

                               Potty training and pre-school = a tough time as a parent!!

It has been a rough week emotionally for me, with many highs and a couple of lows! I think we will start with the highs.......how our potty training has been going!!

Since our staycation ended, we took the decision that pull ups when going out were not an option anymore. I therefore decided not to worry so much about taking a potty out and using it in public and off we went!! The first few trips went really well. Our daughter had no accidents at home or even going for her first preschool visits. She even walked there which was fantastic, and great fun! (more on that in a moment)

The biggest test came on Sunday,  when we ventured out into town. A shopping centre where toilets are not always just around the corner! We took note of all the places we could go in a hurry......the public loos at the car park and all the pubs we could go to. Thing was, our daughter soon caught on that when shopping got a bit boring, she would just say " I go wee wee!" and all of a sudden we would rush off to the nearest loo! It was worth it though, as even though it was frustrating (I had even forgotten the potty!) there were no accidents. The only time she got wet is when the heavens opened unexpectedly!

So to Preschool.........the not so highs. It started well, with her visits last week. She very happily walked to preschool, looking at all the birds and asking me which house it was by saying "in there Mummy?" When she got there she was off exploring all the toys and having a whale of a time, leaving me sat like a spare part! The nursery nurse in me was off playing along and interacting with the children, but I knew the best thing was to sit back and let her explore by herself. The second visit, I tried to hide a bit more, but she always came looking for me to show me things she had found. I knew that me being there wasn't really going to help things in the long run!!

And so it came to today. After a very sleepless night (she was awake from 2.30- 4 am crying and asking for cuddles!) she seemed OK and excited. She happily skipped off to the Preschool, asking to go over the bumpy bridge we cross on the way. I had prepared her for this morning as best I could, explaining to her that Mummy had to go to the library today and she had to say goodbye, but Mummy would be back.

So, the time came where she said Goodbye. She gave me a kiss and a cuddle and off she went. Brilliant....I didn't even cry! Thing was I didn't know where to put her wellies, and all the staff were busy with other parents. She could see I was still there....I had to get out before I lingered too long! I put the boots in a box with her bag and one last time said "Goodbye" as I walked out the door. She looked at me with a look I wont forget in a hurry. One that seemed to say "what, you really are going??"

I busied myself all morning, popping to the library as I had told her and into a shop before heading home to hoover the house and to read a quick chapter of the book I'm reading. Then, I eagerly headed to pick her up..... so eager I left too early, getting there 10 mins before the gates get opened! When I finally got inside, there she was. She took one look at me, shouted "My Mummy!!" and burst into tears as she ran to give me a hug! I hugged her so tight, and the tears began "Why are you crying you silly billy?" I asked her. She kissed me and began to giggle. The staff told me she had been teary from an hour after I left her. My daughter told me she even had a sleep (not surprising being awake in the early hours!)

I felt bad that I just wanted to take her home. I should have talked more to the staff about her day. One member of staff told me about what she had been doing and that as long as she was occupied she was fine. It was when she suddenly remembered me she began to cry! I know she is still so young and it was only her first day, so I am trying hard not to be downhearted. I had spent all morning telling myself she was OK, but finding out she was sad was heartbreaking! And yet, I will be doing it all again tomorrow!! It is the best in the long run and I know in time she will settle and love every moment!

We have been talking about Pre school all afternoon and I even have carried out some role play with her using her Happy Land pre school her Grandma got her for her birthday. I found a character to be me, her and one of the staff. It seemed to help her understand, for every time she leaves the room, she tells me she will be back in two minutes and that she always comes back! I just hope that soon she will get the hang of this preschool lark!

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