Wednesday, 19 September 2012

First trip to the dentist........and a naughty Mummy!!

                                          Perfecting that smile is really important!!I

It is confession time...........I don't like the dentist! I don't like the scraping, the sound of the drill, the smell....and as a result I haven't been to the dentist since I left school. The other big issue is the cost (after today I can see why some people don't go anymore!!) but here we are 14 years later and I have a little girl with a wonderful smile that I'd like to keep healthy.

My husbands old dentist surgery told him that they wouldn't take children until the age of 2, so once we moved it was important this was organised for her. It took me a lot of deep breaths and confidence to take her along and not only book her in, but myself too. After all, how can I expect her to go to the dentist without setting a good example?

So, as a family we ventured to the dentist. I felt it good that we all had appointments together as it meant our daughter could see what happens when you go and also someone for me to lean on (big thanks to my husband who puts with so much from me!!) They were fantastic with my little one, allowing her to watch Daddy and Mummy in the special chair before having her own turn. She was still reluctant to open her mouth, despite the practising we have done at home, but she managed it for her teeth to be counted. The staff even checked her teddy's teeth, and spoke to her so lovely that even I was put at ease!!

If you find a good dentist that can deal with these situations well, it can really help everyone involved. My daughter has been talking about the dentist since we got home and is very pleased with her sticker. She told her Daddy he was a good boy for sitting nicely in the chair!!

" According to a poll of 11,785 British adults, cost is a major factor preventing them from visiting the dentist. More than a fifth (21%) claim they can't afford it and one in ten (10%) are worried that the cost may be too high since they have not been for sometime "

It isn't cheap getting your teeth done, and I am shocked to hear how much my filling that i need is going to cost, and how much our check ups came to today, thank goodness children are free up until the age of 16. It is as my husband I get it sorted now or wait until I'm in a lot of pain and need my teeth removed, which would cost a lot lot more and be a lot more painful!!

I hope that I can instill how important dental health is to my daughter so that she doesn't end up like her Mummy with a smile she isn't too proud of. Luckily the dentist seems to think this is a fresh start for Mummy's teeth........look out for my new dazzling smile by this time next year!!

You can read more about the importance of dental health for children at :

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