Thursday, 20 September 2012

Face painting fun!

                Face painting is fun.........but when is it OK for your child to get it done?

On our family trip to Butlins back in August, our daughter was fascinated with watching her cousins getting their faces painted. So much so, she wanted in on the action!! I was very apprehensive at first, as she had never had it done before and it meant sitting still for a while whilst the lady did it!!

I asked for her just to have butterflies on her cheeks as it wouldnt take too long and plus I wasnt sure if her skin would react to the paints. These are important factors when deciding whether your child should get their faces painted!!

I have been researching the safety aspects of face painting and have found some interesting things that may make you think carefully about face painting with your child. It has made me think, but hasnt put me off intirely!!

1. "If you see a face painter at work and they have dirty water/equipment/paints, glass mirrors and use sponges for more than one person etc, they are risking the health & safety of their customers. Children deserve the kind of hygine you would require yourself. "  - A1 Face painting I had never really thought about the risk of spreading infection through face painting before, and I think I will look out for this in the future, asking face painters if they use new sponges for each customer etc.

2. Some face painters do not paint on under 3's faces, soemtimes because the manufactorers of the face paints do state that they are not to be used on this age group. They may however, paint pn their hand or leg.

3. Make sure the paints are the correct face paints which are non - toxic and easy to take off. Some products are hypo allergenic too, which are even better for the skin.

4. Make sure the child is willing..........there is no point trying to force them to get it done. If they say they dont want to, then it is best to accept it!! Not everyone wants to look like a tiger!!

5.  Make sure you remove face paints correctly. This can be done with baby wipes, cold cream or baby oil and a good wash with soapy water afterwards. You can read more on this at
The most important thing is that face painting is a fun and enjoyable experience. It does get everywhere, but if the child is happy to have it done, the paints and equiptment are safe and the face painter is happy to proceed, then give it a go!!

My daughter was very proud of her butterfly cheeks.........and cried when it had to come off!!

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