Friday, 7 September 2012

Creating toys for your childrens development

                        How one doting Dad really took notice of his child's interests

The cushion in the above picture may not look that much to many, but for one little girl this is the best toy ever!! I was talking to my friend recently and she mentioned how her daughters favourite toy was a cushion which her Dad had made her.

This thoughtful Dad had observed his daughter playing with zips and fastenings around the house and came up with the idea of creating a cushion with some material which had fastenings on it for her to play with. What a fantastic idea! Not only was this Dad so observant of his child's interests, he created something which would help aid her development through play!

Exploring fastenings allows children to develop their hand eye co ordination and fine motor skills. They also begin to get an understanding of cause and effect through exploring how the fastenings fit together........also a fantastic concentration and patience learning tool!!

So, well done to this fantastic Daddy! And a happy 2nd birthday to the little girl in question!!

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