Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Birthing photos are the new fad!!

        The latest thing from the USA........... birthing photos and first moments!

They are the first precious moments of your child's life, and ones you may never wish to forget. To mark this momentous occasion, the latest trend from across the pond is to have a photographer there at the birth of your baby.

It is a topic which has Mums divided in opinion, with many interesting points being. My friend is a photographer and recently discussed the idea on his Facebook page, causing many interesting comments about the subject. The same can be said across the Internet as I have found whilst researching that there are very strong opinions on the idea.

Some people find it " Shallow" and "high maintenance" (read for the whole opinion), whilst others feel it would be a fantastic way to remember things that you tend to forget about the birth.

Personally, I think the whole idea wouldn't work for me. The whole process of my daughter being born was not something I really wanted to have photographed (especially as i had a C section!) and I can remember much of that whole process quite vividly. The first photo of our daughter was taken by her proud Daddy and remains one of my favourite photographs, as it was totally natural and the imperfections of it make it wonderful and such an intimate moment for us both.

I had our daughters first photograph done at the age of 3 months by my friend who took some lovely natural pictures of us in the home with our new arrival. It also meant that our first professional family photograph shows our little one smiling, which has great pride of place in our front room! The photo above is one of the many he took for us, as is the one I use as the childcareclair logo. You can find out more about this fab photographer at 
He comes highly recommended!!

Read more about the idea of birthing photography at:

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