Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Growing up fast!

                                     And all of a sudden, she really isn't a baby any more!!

We have just come back from a weekend break with my husbands family at Butlins. My first time as well as our daughters and it really was a huge learning curve for me as a parent!! Our little girl really showed how independent she is by going on rides all by herself, and pretty much showing how she can keep up with her older cousins!!

As a parent, you do worry about how your child will cope in new surroundings, and I was even more anxious about the size of the place and how many people there were around. Of course, being so in awe of her cousins, our little one wanted to be just like them, which meant walking around without holding Mummy and Daddy's hands!! At first, she obliged us holding on tight as she was so overwhelmed with everything, she needed to feel secure. However, as the days passed and her confidence grew, she was wanting to explore her surroundings more independently!!

Holidays are about letting your children stay up later, eat and drink more and do things they would not get to do any other time. It does play on your mind though whether all the excitement and late nights are actually good for them. Once I realised she was coping with it fine (all bit it with a few looser nappies!!) I began to relax a little. As long as I knew where she was and that she was happy, things were fine!!

What has surprised me the most is the way she has easily adapted to being home again. She has realised straight away that things are back to normal, she is back in her bed and into her usual routine. I guess what I have learnt is not to underestimate your toddler!! Worrying and panicking does not allow you to enjoy yourself (although it is perfectly normal and of course you should be aware of your child's safety at all times!!) She obviously has enjoyed herself, as she has been role playing with her toys "going to the pub" and making me sit for pretend face painting!!

To surprise me further, today I started the next stage of potty training and she has been so positive about wearing underwear and using a potty! She has only had 3 accidents today!! I know it is early days and I am sure the amounts of accidents will vary day to day, but I really have realised over the last 5 days that my little baby is growing up now and is becoming a little girl to be proud of.

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