Sunday, 12 August 2012

Inspiring, magical and over for another four years!

        London 2012 comes to an end, but the future for our children in sport should be continued

I have been hooked for the last 2 weeks on the Olympics, not only for the fact that it is in my home nation, but because I have been truly inspired by the strength, determination and quality of all the competitors. There have been pictures of athletes in pain, cyclists skidding off of their bikes and people with dreams shattered as they had trained so hard to take a medal home.

I know I spoke about the future of sports in Great Britain the other day, and I won't go on about it again for the fear of repeating myself, but I really do think we should be supporting the future Olympians that could be sitting in our front rooms, enjoying watching their heroes getting a medal. I have seen so many of my friends children on Facebook enjoying the games, hearing stories of children getting so excited when team GB get a medal, toddlers getting confused as to why the lady on the TV is not sad, but happy as they have won a medal and my own daughter pretending she is riding in the equestrian event on her rocking horse!!

I admit, I have never been really sporty. After dabbling with gymnastics, tennis and hockey in my childhood, I found myself watching the games thinking " That could have been me if I had kept it up!" There isn't much that I can do about that now, but I can show my support for promoting sports in the wake of the Olympics. I will definitely support our daughter if she decides when she is older that she wants to take up sport, as I will with whatever path she chooses. Even if she enjoys sport but doesn't end up heading off to the Olympics one day, it is important that she realises that sport can be fun. My husband enjoys a game of squash with his cousin and I enjoy walking once a week, and we all know that children learn by copying adults, so who knows!!

Lets hope that we will see many more wonderful moments in sport like we have over the last 2 weeks. There could be a mini Bolt, Wiggins, Ennis or even a Pendelton in our homes right now just waiting to be nurtured!!

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