Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Don't Stop The Sports!!

                            How can we support the sport stars of the future with no PE?

It was in the news yesterday that the Educational secretary in the UK, Michael Grove has approved the sales of more than 20 school fields within the last two years, meaning that many school children do not have access to space for sports. Not only that, but school sports provision has been labelled as "patchy" by the sports secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Then, today as I switched on the television, the news is that PE in schools is being cut. No longer is there a compulsory 2 hours a week for schools to provide physical education. This to me seems totally ridiculous.......we are here in the spirit of the Olympic games and cheering on our wonderful team GB who are stacking up the medals and yet our future Olympians are being deprived the chance to show their skills!

If we want our children to enjoy sport, we need to instill it in them from an early age. Primary schools therefore are a great place to start enjoying sport and getting the benefits of physical activities. With the obesity levels within our children being so high in this country, the emphasis should be on providing more school fields and places to play sport, rather than selling them off to build housing or supermarkets.

I watch my daughter enjoying cheering on team GB and pretending to join in with the events and feel disappointed that she may not have the chance to be able to try sports when she is older. My husband and I have been sitting daydreaming that we could be watching her one day at the Olympics (although we are going to support her in any career choice she may have!!) Surely the government should see how this whole situation is not helping our children and is instead stopping us creating the sports stars of the future!!

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