Monday, 27 August 2012

An idea for story corners!!

              Create your own special box of reading materials for your child to look at!!

Being on holiday over the last week, we have been handed out a range of leaflets and guides about various places that we have visited. Our daughter has shown a keen interest in them and enjoys looking at maps and pictures of things she has seen.

I thought it a shame to dispose of all these pieces of literature, after all they are made to be looked at and teaches our daughter that print comes in many forms. Then the idea came  to me to create a box for all the leaflets we collect and any junk mail she takes an interest in ( she loves it when I give her junk mail, she calls it her post!!) I had a shoe box from a new pair of trainers and put all the leaflets in there.

This idea is useful for practitioners too, as a box of old magazines (appropriate ones!!) and leaflets, guides etc can be placed in the book corner for children to explore. Old catalogues are also pieces of literature you could add. Of course, leaflets do get easily ripped and screwed up, but the beauty of it is that they are free and can be easily replaced with new material!!

It is a simple, yet effective idea and has already proved a big hit with my little why not give it a go!!

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