Friday, 27 July 2012

Go team GB!!

                                        Everyone can get into the Olympic spirit!!

I am sitting here now my little one has gone to bed, and I am posed by the television awaiting the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in London. I am known to be quite an emotional person and I tend to rather embarrassingly, get very overwhelmed at things. I am feeling a bit like that now, as I cannot believe that I am witnessing this in my home country!!

It is something I am going to tell my daughter when she was older all about, and where she was, especially after taking her to see the torch the other week. I want to revel in all the atmosphere and cheer on team GB!!

But, there is many ways that you ca get into the Olympic spirit with your children too, and not necessarily in a physical way (although getting your children to get sporty is a fantastic thing to do for their health!!) Here are a few ideas for activities for your children to get up to over the next two weeks and embrace the Olympic spirit!!

1. Have a garden Olympics. See my previous post on

2. Make your own Olympic medals at home- you can be as creative as you like!!

3. Give medals for the children doing chores around the house, maybe not as fun as some other activities, but a great incentive for children to help!!

4. Older children who enjoy reading and writing could do a project on Olympic history or even better, Olympic heroes. You could offer a treat for completing the project and it can be a great memento of the 2012 games. You could even get them to create a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings over the next two weeks!

5. As well as physical activities, you could have a different kind of Olympics......with awards for who finds the most bugs in the garden, who can build the tallest tower of bricks or even paint the best painting of a London attraction..........the list of ideas is endless!!

6. Budding writers could write a story about someone who takes part in the Olympics, or someone who went to see the games........their creative minds could come up with anything!!

7. Create their own Olympic anthem for the games!! Get out a range of instruments, or make their own and get creative with music!!

8. Make their own flags - the fun part of the Olympics is learning all about  the different countries taking part, some of which even some adults have often never heard of!! By learning about the flags, the children could make their own and encourage them to cheer on other countries aside of their own!!

These are just a few ideas, there are so many more things you could do. I would love to see photographs over the next few weeks of your children taking part in Olympic themed activities!! Email them to me at and many thanks to Lindsey for the photo of her budding athlete!!

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