Monday, 23 July 2012


        How do you deal with a frustrated toddler..................everyday???!!!
It is really hard when you are confronted with a frustrated child. Frustration that often leads to anger and then tantrums!! I know there are Mums out there who become frustrated themselves when their child gets in a state over something. So, here are some tips on how to deal with frustrated toddlers!!

1. Change your tone of voice - by making them aware that you understand their frustration, you allow them to let out their tears. By using a calming tone and reassuring them, the tears usually come quick and disappear just as fast!!
2. Let them know it's ok to cry - talk to them calmly about how they are feeling and that you understand why they are sad. Offer to help them, if you can. You can even get them to help themselves if the child is slightly older as you can ask them how they think the problem can be resolved.

3. Don't intervene too quickly - I often allow my daughter to have a little cry about it. then allow her to try and resolve it herself. I only tend to jump in if she specifically asks for my help. This way, I am allowing her to problem solve and take the actions she needs to in order to learn.

4. Don't lecture or undermine - by telling them they have "done it all wrong" or getting angry with them, you tend to make the situation more frustrating for the child. Remain calm and see what the problem is calmly and reassuringly.

5. Offer a distraction - usually frustration comes from the fact that you are asking them to do something that they don't really want to. By distracting them with something else, you can easily get them to do what you are asking without them realising. For example, I wanted my daughter to walk a little on the way home today, rather than in the pushchair. She began to get frustrated with me not putting her back in the pushchair, so I encouraged her to hunt for fir cones along the pavement with me. It worked and she walked home!!

These are just a few pointers to help. Remember that frustration is a sign that your child is growing up and beginning to learn the rules of the world! Just remain calm!

 If anyone has any other things which have worked for them, please feel free to email me or leave a comment on my Facebook page!!

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