Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Discipline............or lack of it

                                 One thing that is lacking these days....................discipline!!

I received an email from a leader of a parent and toddler group who mentioned to me that they were finding that many Mums did not have discipline with their children. I must admit, I have noticed this when out and about before, especially when attending groups. Many parents see the groups as an opportunity to let their children run wild, and they forget that the group is a chance to explore with their children rather than to catch up on the gossip!!

I must admit that I was forced to leave a group previously because I found the whole thing overwhelming that parents were allowing their children to run riot..........climbing on chairs, hitting children, snatching toys.......and although the staff did their best by handing around "the rules of the group", there seemed to be no follow up and things carried out as normal.

I realise that there are guidelines to follow that everybody is welcome in groups, but I think that groups must also think about the group as a whole sometimes and address the parents involved in order to find out how they can work together to ensure everybody feels comfortable in the group. Offering support to the parent if they are struggling with their child's behaviour is a good start, but if this does not improve things, parents should be warned that they will have to leave. It does depend on the parent themselves, unfortunately there are some parents out there who really don't care about their children's behaviour.

I am really interested in how groups handle such situations. If anyone had any insight into matters such as these, I would love to hear from you. It seems such a shame that groups not only are in demise as I mentioned last week, but also that they struggle with parents who cannot control their children. Email me at childcareclair@hotmail.co.uk or leave a comment on my facebook page. Thankyou!

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