Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fir cone fun!

                                                  Another brilliant painting idea!!!

I have been trying to encourage my daughter to walk a little more, and sometimes this can prove quite challenging as she wants to be in the pushchair!! The other day when she started to protest, I asked her to help me find some fir cones along the path, which we collected and brought home to play with.

First, she used the cones to explore in the garden, counting them into pots and carrying them around the garden. They even went into the sandpit for a while!! She was totally taken with their texture and shape. Then, she asked me to do some painting, and what better tool to use for this then the fir cones!!

Older children will see how the cones create a dotted pattern on the paper when rolled carefully across the paper, but for my two year old, it was all about making the paint scratch across the paper creating a lovely mark making activity!! The final artwork was soon on display in our new display frame, which I talk about in a future post.

It just goes to show that something you can find outside can create a range of activities which can last most of the day!!

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