Monday, 7 May 2012

Activity idea for outdoors

                            A simple activity using the garden patio as a canvas!!
The sun came out briefly the other day, and unfortunately I was in awaiting a delivery. I opened the doors to the garden, and let them out to play in the fresh air. Then, I remembered that I had some playground chalks hidden away in a box in the playroom!!

It was an activity which I often did whilst working in Child Care settings and is a fantastic way for the children to use their mark making skills on something other than paper!! Chalks are very versatile as a drawing implement and can be used dry or wet to make different types of marks. It is also good to draw on concrete or patio slabs as eventually the rain will wash the artwork away. (also a great learning curve on cause and effect there!!)

As you can see, the girls enjoyed their little activity in the sun, and my husband thought it was the best idea he had ever heard of ( he hasn't a clue when it comes to childcare based things and is learning well!!!) You can buy pavement chalks at most pound shops and some stationary stores and toy shops. I always buy the cheaper ones as the chalks can be used up fairly quickly and can be broken. The good thing about them is that they are chubby and therefore great for little hands to grip on to.

You can also use the patio for painting too!! You can allocate your child a square of their own and allow them to paint it. Paint takes a little longer to wash off in the rain, but children love having something they can be proud of to show off in their garden!!

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