Thursday, 12 April 2012

The things celebraties do!!

           What do you make of Alicia's blog video?

I was watching the news this morning and was intrigued to see a clip of Alicia Silverstone feeding her son Bear Blu by chewing food and passing it to his mouth. It is something which I certainly have not seen before, and wasn't sure that I really approved of.

I have done some research into this Bird- like method of weening and it actually goes back many years. Premastication, to give it it's correct term, is also known as "Kiss feeding"and was probably used as a weaning style back when we didn't have blenders to do the job for us.

Personally, all I can think of is the germs that can be passed from the mouth to the child's mouth. Mouth ulcers could be passed on, but many would argue that its no more risky than your child eating from the same spoon as you. Many people who support natural parenting actually agree that this process can be very helpful when weaning.

Although I wouldn't do this method myself, I agree that as long as the child is not coming to any harm, than why should we scrutinise Alicia for simply sharing her parenting styles? There are many people out there who do use this method, some in third world countries, so why should the media make Alicia's actions become blown out of all proportion?

As parents, we decide how we bring up our children and who we wish to share it with. I am doing the same on here, sharing how I have done things, but I know that many people would not agree with me. I know I don't agree with Alicia, but it has definitely got people talking!!

You can see Alicia's post on and more about the subject of premastication on

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