Friday, 20 April 2012

Moving, Classes and meeting new people

                           Making changes in a routine can be confusing for a little one

Moving meant a whole plethera of new experiences for our little one. Not only a new house, new area etc, but a new ballet class! We were lucky that the same company runs classes in the local community centre, so I knew the transfer would be a little smoother due to very similar routines and music.

Today was the first day of a new term at Starz Ballet. She had been to a class at the new venue 2 weeks ago to get ourselves introduced to our new teacher and get a feel for the place, but today she seemed very wary and not her usual bouncy self!! On the way to ballet I told her where we were going and she immediately asked for the bus, as that is how we used to travel to the old class. It is very hard trying to explain to a 21 month old why, but I simply said we have a new house so new ballet. She repeated "New house" and "new ballet" and seemed OK with that!!

It is not only new to her though. It is hard for any parent coming into a new environment with a group of mums who are already used to one another, and even though I have improved in my dealing of new situations, I did find myself feeling a little less confident then usual. Maybe my little one picked up on that, I am not sure.

The group are lovely though and although the class started with the music making her jump and therefore shedding a few tears, she soon began to get into the class. I think she misses some of the old moves she was used to doing and some things are slightly different, but I am sure after a while she will get the hang of it!!

Today made me realise just how much the move has affected her, and how much she remembers. I know this will fade in time and by perseverance and understanding, she will soon get the hang of it all. Me would be nice to make some friends through going to the classes, everybody seems so nice! A lot of her confidence would come from me being confident too. If she sees that I am relaxed and enjoying myself, I am sure she will pick up on it and be the same herself in time. It is just hard sometimes when you know how settled and happy she was and then having to change her routine in such a way.

Sometimes in life we have to make changes, mostly for the better. It is just important as parents, that we make sure any transitions are done with patience and perseverance. By remaining as calm and relaxed as possible, we as parents can help the process move more swimmingly too.

Many thanks must be added to Miss Lyndsey here for making us feel so welcome in the new class!!

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