Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nappies and Mums

Apparently, it is proven that Mums actually like the smell of their own child's soiled nappy!!

Waiting to go into my daughters ballet class the other day, I overhead some Mums discussing a rather odd subject........the smell of their child's poo!! The main gist of the conversation being that Mums tend to prefer the smell of their own child;s soiled nappy compared to that of another child. One Mum said it had been scientifically proven!! So, being the interested person I am in all thing child care related, I had to research!!

I found that there had indeed been a study in 2006 in Australia on 13 mums who were asked to sniff the soiled nappies of several other babies as well as their own. The Mums picked their own child's as the sweetest smell, even when the nappies were purposely mislabelled.

The researchers of the study said "mother's disgust at her baby's feces has the potential to obstruct her ability to care for her baby and may even affect the strength of the bond she has with her baby," Which is exactly what the Mums were discussing in the hallway!!

I can't say I have ever thought of it, but when I did, i remembered that I have never ever felt nausea at my daughters nappy, but had felt so several times in my career changing other peoples children's nappies!!

So there is today's interesting fact, all from the conversations of Mums in a community centre hallway!

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  1. YAY! I no longer feel guilty that I do not like changing other mom's kids' diapers. It's scientifically not as pleasant! Whew.