Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy Talk

Just when I needed a boost, an inspiring woman contacts me!!
I have often wondered what I will do when my little one is at school and how I can use my expertise without going back into a nursery environment ( I think I have done my bit there!!) Then, I received a message from Val Melnyczuk, co-creator of Happy Talk, and I realised that all you need is an idea which can take you anywhere.

And what an inspiration Val and her partners are - Dr Celia O' Donovan and Dr Margaret Simms, who got together with the intent on sharing good practise and "challenging current thinking" to create Happy Talk events across the UK.

They have an event happening on May 12th in Nottingham. Look at their website for more details and on how you can attend. It seems totally fascinating and it is such a shame I cannot be in attendance myself, as I am intrigued with what they have to offer. It is definitely worth a look for any practitioner or Early years worker!

It is people such as these wonderful ladies who really can inspire practitioners to do their bit for the Early Years. They have definitely made me realise that I am in fact doing my part by running this website. So in a sense, although it isn't a paid job, I am doing something worthwhile that I love and am passionate about in order to help parents and practitioners alike.

Thank you Val and to Margaret for your messages via Linkedin. I am so pleased you thought this website was so useful!

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