Sunday, 15 April 2012

Creating a place to play

                        We have been busy transforming an office space into a playroom!!

When we moved to our new house, we were lucky enough to have a room downstairs to create into a playroom for our daughter, all her friends and any children in the family to enjoy. When we left our last house, many people commented on how sad it was that we were leaving our daughters nursery behind with the tree we created for her (you can read about it by clicking on the decorating subheading on the right hand side of the page) So, I can up with some new ideas for our new home!

I wanted something light, airy and fun and came up with the idea of using blue to create a sky and painting clouds. Then, using a clock to create the centre, we created a flower coming up from the bottom of the wall, with the intention that it will act as a height chart.

We have created a reading area for her using a green mat to look like grass, with a couple of cushions and a selection of her books in a movable box with a lid. There is also a car mat the other side of the room for playing with cars and other toys. I have laughed at myself, saying I am creating my own day nursery room!!

So far, she is loving her new play space!! We do still allow her to have the freedom of moving her toys around the house as she wishes, but are teaching her that their home is in the playroom!! It is really coming together...........what do you think???

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