Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Moving home

Moving can be stressful and very tiring for all involved as we have found!!
So, Childcare Clair has set up home in a new location and despite the stressfulness of it all, we appear to now be finally settling in! It was all rather last minute, not knowing for sure whether we were moving until 2 days before moving day!! Our little angel helped me pack boxes by throwing all her toys into boxes and clapping her hands.......what a great game!!

We were lucky enough that my parents were on holiday from work with my Uncle and Aunty visiting, so she had plenty of people to keep her amused whilst we frantically packed our belongings and emptied the loft (which was a massive job!!) The first few days were a little daunting for both my husband and myself as we didn't quite know how our daughter would take to the changes. We made sure her room was ready first, although not how we want it to be, it had all her familiar toys and books around so she began to realise this was home.

It was quite tough for the first week or so. The poor little mite had to contend with the clock changes, back teeth appearing and a new home all in one weekend!! We found she was crying a fair bit in the night and getting up really early calling for cuddles, only to discover that she was actually getting cold in her room, where we hadn't quite mastered the heating system yet!!

We are finally getting somewhere now though. I think things could have been a lot more unsettled for her had we not made sure her familiar things were around her and we have been constantly referring to the house as her house, asking her to find it when driving or walking up to it. She is loving all the space she has to explore and her new playroom where she is currently spending most of her time. She loves it when her friends come to play and she can show them everything!!

She is a little nervous of going to visit people at the moment, since when we left her last time, we moved house!1 She must be wondering if it would happen again if we leave her with family!! So, what would I say are the best tips for moving with a little one in tow??? Well............

1. Make sure your child is involved as much as you can with the move (the older the child, the easier this is) They can help pack, label boxes as well as help you unpack the other end!!

2. Make sure their room is unpacked first, making sure they have all of their familiar things available to them. We put some of her things in every room so she felt at home. We also made sure that things weren't moved around to much in terms of the rooms they were in previously, so not to confuse her further.

3. If you have someone to look after your child whilst you move, ask them to help. It can be bad enough trying to move but with a toddler asking for your constant attention, it can make things even more stressful!!

4. Make things as fun and exciting as you can. We used lots of "wow"'s and "look!"'s when we first brought her to the new house. We allowed her to explore as she wanted, looking in each room and having a run around.

5. Remember it will take a while for them to settle. Its a whole new situation for them and although it can be frustrating, you have to give them time. Believe me, it can be rather tiring and you have to stick to the same rules as you had at our old house so they know they cant get around you!!

So. that's me back online and ready to go. I'm pleased to be back!!!

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