Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Another easy activity idea

Today a walk to the park led to an activity which developed in many ways!
Walking to the park today, an idea struck me. Something I have done many times before within my work and I am sure you have heard of or done yourselves...........leaf rubbings!!

To make the walk back from the swings a bit more interesting, I asked my four year old companion to collect a few leaves to take back with us. She was intrigued about the reason why and had never heard of leaf rubbings before. Once home, I showed her how to use the leaves under folded paper, to create rubbings by using crayons to let the patterns come through.

She loved it.........and a whole discussion was born about what colours she could use to decorate her leaf prints and what different positions she could put them in. We also used different sizes and shaped leaves to make her picture more interesting.

Once finished, she wanted to know what else she could do with her leaves. I showed her how she could use them to make a tree by drawing two lines alongside each other and colouring it in brown, before sticking on the leaves on the top to finish her tree!! Then, more conversations about trees and how they lose their leaves in the autumn and grow new leaves in the spring.

It just goes to show that sometimes a simple activity can lead to so much more and can be extended to help a child's development. So much can come from a few leaves..........leaf people (made by gluing leaves together to make arms, body, legs etc) , leaf prints with paint, collages.......so many possibilities!!

Give leaves a go and get creative!!

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