Wednesday, 18 April 2012

An activity idea

                      Something so simple that keeps little ones entertained for ages!!

Today, as the weather was not so great (and I have yet to get my daughter some wellies!!) I homed into both her and her cousins favourite pastime- drawing!! But, rather than handing out A4 pieces of paper, I thought on a bigger scale and rolled out some large long paper and laid it across the floor in our lounge.

Let loose with the crayons and alongside some panpipe music, the girls danced and drew to their hearts content creating a masterpiece!

It was an activity which took up a vast majority of the morning as they were both eager to make their marks on as much of the paper as they could! Observing my daughter, I found she was starting to understand the boundaries of where she could and couldn't draw, with guidance from her 4 year old cousin. The two of them were having lovely conversations about colours and what was being drawn. My daughter listening intently and smiling with "yeah" to add her part of the discussion!

As well as developing socially, the girls were using their creative traits to explore colour, texture and also sound - my little one loved the noise as the paper crumpled and tore underneath her!

You can get rolls of paper at most good stationary stores and also at some children's toy shops. old rolls of wallpaper make good drawing paper too, when using the back. This is all fantastic for large scale art. It was a great wet morning activity...........give it a try!!

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