Monday, 12 March 2012

Understanding toddler talk!!

Sometimes only a parent knows what on earth their child is going on about!!
Our little girl has always been a talker!! From 8 months onwards she has amazed me with the things she can say and she continues to learn new words with every coming week! I actually wrote down all the words I know she can say and it came to over 100!! I was gobsmacked!! But, then I realised that some of those words I know she is saying, whereas others don't!!

There have been many times that she has been chatting away to her Daddy and repeats a sound over and over. I am in another room knowing what she is saying to him, and yet he has no clue!!! He usually ends up asking me what she is trying to say, feeling a little put out that he couldn't understand her himself. We had a moment this weekend, where our little angel was chatting away to me and I was able to realise she was telling me how Daddy had changed her nappy when she did a poo on the bed. To others, the whole thing must have sounded like gobblegook, but by picking out those few words, i realised she was trying hard to tell a story!!

But that is something many Mums must feel too......... we know exactly what our babies are saying to us and others don't!! It can become quite frustrating for the children too when they cannot get their message through. No disrespect to Daddies, but I think sometimes Mums seem to listen more carefully to hear what our little ones are saying too!!

For those who cannot understand a toddler and have no translator available, the key is to be patient. Try and get the child to point to what they want by saying "show me" or do as I do sometimes.............go through several things around which sound like what they are trying to say until we get the right one!! Many a time my daughter ends up sighing and walking away as I try as many words that I can which rhyme with what sound she made!!

This is where baby signing also becomes helpful. As long as others can understand the signs too of course, it can help to ease the frustration from all parties involved if the child can sign what they are trying to say.

What are your thoughts???

Thanks to my Mum who came up with the idea for this post xx

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