Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Protecting your child from blind cords

Sometimes it is the things we least expect which can seriously harm our children
You safeguard your house for your child's arrival.........the stair gates go on, there may be locks on your cupboards and draws.......plug socket covers....... but many people do not even consider the danger that the cords on blinds can possess.

There is currently a campaign on the television show Daybreak here in the UK, to raise awareness of the potential dangers and I must say it has been very eye opening. I received some information on blind cords when doing my Life with Baby course when our daughter was born, but it never really occurred to me too much as we have no blinds in our house. However, we do have a light pull in our bathroom which could have a similar effect.

In our new house which we will be moving to soon, we have blinds in many of the rooms, and I didn't even think about checking them out to see if they were safe when we looked at the house. This is something I will be looking at as soon as I step through the door next!! Many of today's blinds are being made with safety features, and some are even cordless to prevent such accidents from happening. Many children have died as a result of being strangled by the cord of a blind, and most of these accidents occur within seconds of a child being left unattended.

There is currently no law which says that blinds have to be made with safety features, at the moment blinds need only carry a warning label, but many people are striving for this to be changed. There are ways of making your blinds safer, if you have long cords. For more information, you can check out the more about safety with blind cords at (this will open a pdf of a leaflet)

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