Sunday, 11 March 2012

Playing with bugs

A great learning experience..........just explore bugs in the garden!!

Today, my daughter and her little friend explored ladybirds and spiders in our friends back garden. Something so simple, which fascinated them both for a long while! It was great to see them so interested in nature........and all bugs were retrieved unharmed from the experience!!

Minibeasts are a great learning tool for children to explore the world around them. Not only do you help children to respect and nuture creatures, but they also begin to understand how they live and how they can help the environment. Older children can catch them in pots with magnified lids to get a closer glimpse of them.

I remember creating little walkways for ants when I was younger. Trying to create little obstacles to see if they would go around them or over them. I also recall finding out how ants dont swim that well and do not appreciate a swimming pool!! Woodlice also gave my sister a lot of entertainment as they curled up into balls when touched!! Such small things, but such interest and fun coming out of exploring them!!

It is well worth allowing your child to explore minibeasts. As long as you are aware of the bugs that do bite or sting, and supervise the children as they explore! So much can come from spending a little time with the creatures in your garden. I also think its important that children learn that the minibeasts need to be returned where they were found, as that is where they are most happy!!

I would love to hear your childrens experiences with minibeasts!!!

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