Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Older children help younger ones to blossom

               How spending time with older children is helping my little one to learn
We have a new member of our extended family, and we are looking after her during the week. This has been great for the household, as it is great to hear such laughter in the house with 2 little girls causing havoc!! My little girl seems to have an affection for older children, which we have noticed quite often when visiting family and friends. I think it is mostly because they love to feel in charge and look after her, and she laps up the attention!!

It has taken her a while to get used to sharing Mummy, not so much when her cousin is around, but once she has gone she needs to get every single bit of my attention. Maybe it is her way of saying sorry for playing with someone else during the day!!

Giving her the opportunity to play with older children allows her to learn the rules and boundaries from another perspective. Most times she seems to accept being told no more from an older child than she does when i say it!! She is constantly gaining social skills and improving her communication skills as she tries to tell her cousin what she wants to do. I have noticed that she has been learning to share her toys, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, but still an important learning curve!!

Although it is fantastic that my daughter learns from older children, I do recognise the importance of her spending time with children her own age, which is why we meet with her best friend once a week (for us Mummy's to catch up too of course!!) I also hope to enrol her in a pre school once we have moved house, which seems to be happening quite soon (that is another post for the future!!)

Above all, this socialisation with her cousin is allowing her to learn to share her time with me as eventually we will hopefully give her a brother or sister. Then, the roles will be reversed and hopefully she will practice what she has learnt from playing with her cousin so often. I really love how the two girls have bonded and become great friends, painting, drawing and cooking together and generally having fun!!

Many thanks to Jayne for the permission for the photograph of our two little girlies together!!

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