Sunday, 18 March 2012

Celebrating Mums

                                         Happy Mothers Day to all female carers!!!

Who bought us into the world? Carried us? Nurtured us? Our Mothers! They are there for us when times are tough, they wipe away our tears and pick us up when we fall. I love my Mum, she has done all of this and more, and she has helped me to understand how to be a good Mum myself. Quite often, even within my career, I have said something which I have stopped and thought " I sound like my Mum!!"

When you become a mother yourself, I think you really begin to realise the kind of emotions and tribulations they went through to bring us up, and you do begin to see them in a different light. I obviously have always loved my Mum, but when I had my daughter I began to realise what she must have gone through having me and my sister!!

Of course, it is not just Mums which need to have their praises sung on Mothers Day. There are many female influences within families and friends who also play such a huge role in our lives and become second mums to many. My sister and I feel that about our Auntie, who is a fantastic Mum herself and yet a wonderful shoulder for us too. It is good to remember our Grandmothers too, as they obviously brought our own mothers into the world.

It is a great feeling being a Mum on Mothers Day. You begin to realise that we are really special and important to our children and that what we go through is worth it. But we shouldn't need one day a year to show this, we should show it to our Mums as much as we can. It doesn't have to be in the form of flowers and cards, just a simple I love you and a cuddle can mean the world to a Mum, not to mention a little Thank you now and then.

So come on your all the important woman in your life and let them know how special they are!!!!

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